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Welcome to the community all about two great hobbits, Pippin and Merry! Of course, though they are a main focus, this is also a place for LotR and all of J. R. R. Tolkien's work to be enjoted. Have fun!

*~*What Can Be Done*~*
Dicuss the movies/books/games/merchandise
Talk about the actors/characters
Show off a drawing/picture
Post icons and friends only banners
Claim a character
Post a story
Request banners, icons, etc
Post News
Chat and become friends with the other members
Post webpages, other LOTR communities
Ask questions and give your thoughts

As long as it themed around Lord Of The Rings in some way, shape or form, then come post with us!

~Be nice to the other members.
~Asking for claims are welcomed! If someone already has a character that you would also like then post it, ask (or I can for you) the first claimer if they would like to share. If not then you'll have to pick someone else. If they don't mind sharing, and you don't then go for it!
~When posting pictures, use the lj cut tag for more then 2 pictures. And when posting pictures on the main page, make sure it's 300 pixels or less. If it's bigger then that either put it behind the lj cut or put a few spaces in so it doesn't overlap your icon.
~If you ask for a request, give credit to the username of whoever made you your desire!

*~*Claims*~* (AIM Angsty hobbit or MSN/E-mail pippin__merry@hotmail.com to request a claim and so forth.)
jupiter_thunder *~*Pippin, Frodo, Grima Wormtounge*~*
nysoul4 *~*Legolas*~*
jacksparrowlvr *~*Merry, Aragorn*~*

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