Polly Hamwitch of Buckleberry Fern (__ahobbit__) wrote in pippin_merry,
Polly Hamwitch of Buckleberry Fern

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G'day gov'nah! Sorry. Hyper. I would like to say a biiiig hello! *waves*

As is custom in the strange little world I like to call the left hemisphere of my brain, I have a story to tell allready.

*ahem* I intend to brush up on my ability to read Tengwar. This is because when Return of the King (extended version) comes out my friend is going to host a Lord of the Rings party. I intend to bring Lord of the Rings Risk, trivial pursuit and provide many songs in elvish. The reason I brougut up Tengwar is because my friend in going to write the invitations in Tengwar so we'd all break out our Return og the King books.
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